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" We believe that childhood is a magical journey filled with wonder and learning. Our vision is to nurture young minds through play, sparking their curiosity, fostering creativity, and promoting joyful interactions. We aspire to be the place where children can be themselves, make friends, and create lasting memories."

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"Bintang Playhouse and Rumah Kechik: Your All-in-One Family Haven"
At Bintang Playhouse, we're dedicated to creating a secure and dynamic recreational space for families, offering a planet-friendly environment and exceptional play areas for children. Meanwhile, Rumah Kechik warmly welcomes parents with children aged 1 year and beyond, providing a haven for shared parenting experiences, complete with a wide range of tailored events and classes. Together, we offer an inclusive haven for modern family living, where parents and little ones can enjoy the best of times in a warm, safe, and inspiring environment.

Our Playhouses


Bintang Playhouse

"Our Playhouse is a secure, eco-friendly, and dynamic recreational space for families. We offer a safe, inspiring play environment where parents and children can spend quality time together."

Bintang Playhouse
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Rumah Kechik | Family Club

"Rumah Kechik – a vibrant space where children and parents come together to explore, discover, and grow! From interactive learning to engaging workshops, our facility offers a diverse range of activities designed to stimulate young minds and foster family bonds. Whether it's hands-on science experiments, creative arts and crafts, or dynamic storytelling sessions, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Our little house strive to provide guidance and support, creating a welcoming environment where curiosity thrives and imaginations soar."

Rumah Kechik

Why Choose Our Playhouses ?




"nurturing, imaginative, and inclusive environment"

"dedicated to fostering the holistic development of young minds, encouraging creativity, curiosity, and social connections through the power of play"

"aspire to be the place where children can be themselves, make friends, and create lasting memories"

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Family Club Membership

The family club membership at Playhouse is for the whole family, up to 6 people. You, your partner, the kids, grandparents, the beloved nanny – whoever is family in your eyes! 

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